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Megan Conner is a certified run coach and personal trainer.  She has run multiple marathons, half marathons and numerous other races including the Boston Marathon twice and recently accomplished a 7 day running adventure in Spain where she ran 86 miles and 15,000ft of elevation in a week.


She never grew up running, but discovered a passion and ability a little later in life.  She hadn't stepped foot on a track until her mid-thirties when she started training for her first BQ.  

After hiring a coach and experiencing what it was like to train, to learn and to reach a goal - she too got her certification and has been professionally coaching running for over a year.  


Megan has been voted Nashville's number 1 run coach 2 years in a row, and finds an immense joy in helping people improve, believe in themselves and cross the finish line.  She is a lululemon legacy run ambassador and works with companies locally and nationwide to partner and support great products for her clients.


She currently owns a personal training company in Nashville, writes songs for Demolition Music and coaches running.  She is in the process of creating a music project for TV/film and is writing a book on running.  


Her passion for all that she does is apparent through her work, music, and coaching, and her heart beats to bring her clients success through that passion.  Her mission is to help people realize that it's never too late to crush a goal! 

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